stable concrete floors and surfaces

abrasion resistant, permanent wear surface


TEXTURE-PAVE™ Pre-Mixed Overlay is a high strength, polymer modified, cementitious topping material formulated and engineered for resurfacing, overlaying and texturing structurally stable concrete floors and surfaces. TEXTURE-PAVE™ is a pre-packaged, “just add water”, overlay material that cures to create a hard, abrasion resistant, permanent wear surface.

TEXTURE-PAVE™ is designed to create durable finishes for producing stamp textured finishes, concrete patching, resurfacing, overlaying, reducing surface defects and texturing stable concrete surfaces. Typical applications include interior or exterior commercial, industrial and residential concrete surfaces for renovation or new construction.

TEXTURE-PAVE™ offers many advantages over other overlay materials including better abrasion resistance, higher levels of strength and durability, excellent weather resistance such as resistance to moisture, UV and freeze/thaw cycles and is available in a wide variety of colours and colour combinations. TEXTURE-PAVE™ is designed to be extremely easy to mix and install while proving very economical and cost effective.

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