stain is engineered for colouring concrete

deeply penetrates concrete or polymers


HYDRA-STONE™ Dye Stain is engineered for coloring concrete floors and surfaces without the frustration of acid stain or failure of waterborne stains and paints. Designed to deeply penetrate concrete or polymer modified cementitious materials,

HYDRA-STONE™ is available as a concentrated liquid which can be reduced for additional color options either using HYDRA-STONE™ Reducer (for a slower dry and deeper penetration) or acetone.

Also available as HYDRA-STONE™ Powder Pack (concentrated powdered version) for decreased shipping cost. Powder Packs are simply added to HYDRA-STONE™ Reducer (for a slower dry and deeper penetration, deal for polished concrete) or acetone (for a super fast dry time with less penetration).

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